What is the ICOMIA Technical File Generator?

The TFG creates Technical Files for boats being CE marked to Recreational Craft Directive 2013/53/EU (RCD). It is the first online tool that records clear evidence for every clause of every harmonised standard with which the boat complies. It also generates a Declaration of Conformity that accurately attests the details of the boat’s compliance to RCD. The TFG produces documentation that any certifier (Notified Body) would find a delight to assess.

What is a Technical File & why do I need one?

Article 25 of RCD says that manufacturers shall draw up technical documentation that contains:

“all relevant data and details of the means used by the manufacturer to ensure that the product complies with the requirements”

This requires the manufacturer to compile a formal Technical File for each model of boat and manufacturers should be prepared to hand it over to authorities who wish to check compliance for any reason. It must be held for years. But whether or not authorities demand it, a manufacturer’s liability depends upon the Technical file as this is the only document that can prove the boat complies. Should a boat buyer attempt to claim recompense from the manufacturer over compliance related details, a good Technical File provides the defence. The process of creating a perfect technical file gives you the confidence to know for sure that your boat really does comply, so that there will not be any disputes.


How does the ICOMIA TFG Work?

Simply select from the options to describe the boat (number of hulls, length, power arrangement etc.) and let the software select and filter the appropriate ISO Standards that are relevant to your boat.

The software will guide you through those standards ensuring that there is evidence for all of the requirements. The complicated stability standard, EN ISO 12217, is covered in detail and the software will handle all the calculations and guide you through the tests.

You are able to upload any related documentation you wish: drawings, reports, certificates for the key components fitted on-board, photos etc. With the minimum of fuss, a concise, accurate and up to date Technical File is ready for download and will be stored safely for you to update at any time.

Current Limitations

At the present time, the TFG has only been released for non-inflatable, non-sail boats of 6m length and longer. Note that this may still be used for non-sail boats shorter than 6m but ISO 12217 part 1, rather than part 3, will be applied. This is permissible but the shorter the boat, the more difficult it will be to satisfy part 1. Future release will add more craft types.


Powered by CEproof and adopted as a global tool by international trade association ICOMIA, global tool by international trade association ICOMIA, the TFG has earned users discounted certification fees from a number of EU Notified Bodies.  Not only is the tool recognised by ICOMIA and certifiers but it is award winning.

 Award-winning Technical File Generator 

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