Registration is free but to start a new Technical File the user is charged according to the table of charges below. The prices depend upon the size, category and conformity assessment module required. This is a once-only fee. Access to that Technical File lasts forever, with no further charges.

It is illogical to assume anyone could comply with standards without having access to those standards. It is, therefore, a requirement that, at the point of buying a new Technical File, the user is a paid-up member of If you are not already a user, Membership for can be purchased for a month or a year at the same time as buying the new Technical File. The prices are also shown below.


Technical File Prices

 Hull LengthDesign Category  
ALH < 12N/A€150€150
LH ≥ 12N/A€350€350
A1LH < 12€300€150€150
LH ≥ 12N/AN/A€350
BLH < 12€300€250€150
LH ≥ 12€500€350€350
GLH < 12€300€250€150
LH ≥ 12€500€350€350
PCALH < 12€300€300€300
LH ≥ 12€500€500€500

Rulefinder Subscriptions

Subscription NameSubscription DescriptionPrice (€)
BASIC Recreational Craft Rules1 month's access to 45 standards€95.00
PLUS Recreational Craft Rules1 year's access to 45 standards€425.00
PREMIUM Recreational Craft Rules1 year's access to 66 standards€530.00

Powered by CEproof and adopted as a global tool by international trade association ICOMIA, global tool by international trade association ICOMIA, the TFG has earned users discounted certification fees from a number of EU Notified Bodies.  Not only is the tool recognised by ICOMIA and certifiers but it is award winning.

 Award-winning Technical File Generator 

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